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Mediclaim (Health Insurance)

At Param Hospital, we are glad to be able to serve patients who possess a health-insurance. Check out the companies we work with in this regard as well as our general advisory on patients seeking care under a Mediclaim.


What is a Mediclaim?

Mediclaim is a type of insurance policy designed to help cover the cost of medical treatments for individuals and families. It helps to reimburse or provide cash-less services altogether to the insured person for medical expenses incurred due to illness, injury, surgery, hospitalization, and more. In addition, Mediclaim policies often provide additional benefits such as coverage for pre-existing diseases, ambulance services, and other medical services. 

How can I get a Mediclaim?

  1. Research different health insurance plans available to find one that best fits your needs.

  2. Contact the insurance company or your employer to find out the coverage details and costs.

  3. Fill out the necessary paperwork to apply for the plan.

  4. Get a quote to determine the cost of the plan.

  5. Pay the required premium to activate the plan.

  6. Present your health insurance card at the hospital when receiving care.


How can I avail treatment at Param Hospital under a Mediclaim

If you are seeking treatment with a Mediclaim at our premises, you should first inform the hospital about this at or before the time of admission. Further, you should get in touch with your Health Insurance Provider and enquire if they cover the treatment you are seeking under your specific Policy at our premises. You should also check if your Insurance Policy is of 'co-pay' type and be informed of the expenses associated with treatment under this type of Policy. At our hospital, we provide assistance to patients to get Cashless claims processed. ​

What documents to I need to bring with me to the hospital for Mediclaim processing?

To ensure that Mediclaim processing is as hassle-free as possible for our patients, we require the following documents (with two photocopies of each):

  1. Policy Document / Policy Card

  2. Original Government-issued Photo ID of the patient as well as of the primary policy holder



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